Mr Gary Nelson 4th Dan

I started my Taekwon-Do journey back in 1989 with Mr Cutler.  Most of my gradings up to 2nd Dan were with Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha and I was graded to 3rd and 4th Dan by Grand Master Williamson.

I love competition and as a colour belt won several medals. It’s been hard training, with family life and work.

In 2016, I started training with the England squad and I was honoured when I was selected to represent England for the first time in 2017.  It was overwhelming, but a great experience. I won a Silver medal in both patterns and sparring at the 2017 European championships.

I was selected again for the 2018 Euros in Estonia and returned a ‘Double European Champion’ after winning 2 Golds, one in patterns and the other in sparring. In my 3rd year, I came away with Gold in individual sparring, Silver in individual patterns, Bronze in team patterns and Silver in team sparing at the 2019 Euros in Italy.

I am still training hard with the squad and hoping to be selected for next year’s European and Worlds championships!

I03/03/1996GM Rhee Ki Ha
II23/06/2002GM Rhee Ki Ha
III09/09/2012GM Williamson
IV09/09/2018GM Williamson